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[actors] books are fun!
Well, hi. It's been awhile.

I have been slowly moving into my new place (my dresser is finally here, as of today!) and recovering from a broken toe (aforementioned dresser's fault) and reading a lot of young adult novels for my summer class. It is already the last week of that class, and I have abruptly lost all my ability to do anything at all for it. I have my last paper due tomorrow and one final book to read and I...am not doing those things.

I'm not quite finishing the class, either. I still haven't done the observation hours I'm supposed to do for it (as part of my teaching accreditation), thanks to the toe, so I expect that will be keeping me busy well into August.

I think it is just about bedtime for me, but I was reading through old entries and I realized just how long it has been since I posted, so I thought I ought to check in. <3

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[dcu] amused
I am vacationing it up on the beach, the surf is too high for swimming, and my cousin is asleep, so now seems as good a time as any to do an incredibly shallow meme.

1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely get with.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might get with after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.
4. Put a (?) after the guys you've never heard of.
5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
6. Add three guys to the list.

(For definitions of get with that mean "admire extremely, aesthetically". Except for Hugh Jackman. I'd marry Hugh Jackman.)

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[dcu] amused

But my sister has (wisely, or whatever) decided to attend the New School in New York! She is doing their five-year double degree program, and will end up with a B.F.A from Parson's and a B.A. from Eugene Lang. I think it will be a great fit for her, and it is super exciting. I am a little jealous that she will get the best of both worlds in re: art and liberal arts! And I'm super ready to visit NY all the time to see her.

I just have to tamp down on the part of myself that was sort of hoping for her to go to Oberlin and remind myself that my parents were probably excited when my brother followed in their footsteps and went to USC but that THAT was an unmitigated disaster.

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[beaton] lesbians?
Super quick, SUPER SUPER SUPER spoilery responses to everything I'm watching:

Game of ThronesCollapse )

Mad MenCollapse )

Agents of SHIELDCollapse )

ElementaryCollapse )

Person of InterestCollapse )


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[a3g] plenty of wine!
It was a long-ass day, so I will meme.

Under here.Collapse )

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[dcu] amused
Let's play a fun game where we talk about my actually exciting career choices as though they were romantic relationships and I were kind of a dirtbag!

Tortured metaphor to express my tortured soul under the cut.Collapse )


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[ds9] kira
I seem incapable of posting in non-list form anymore, but here are some Super Badass Things that happened to me this weekend:

1) Traveled to NY! Actual mini-vacation! This is sort of the basic badass thing that underlies all the other badass things.

2) Saw Idina Menzel + Anthony Rapp + original Daniel-from-Once on This Island + Jason Lam a.k.a. the-best-part-of-Every Little Step + other awesome people in If/Then. Which I have...mixed feelings about, but all the cast were awesome and many of the songs were great and I think I really liked it on the whole. (There was one really unnecessarily biphobic moment that I'm still struggling with, but Anthony Rapp also played an amazing bisexual character and so...feelings. Mixed feelings.)

3) Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder! Hysterical adaptation of Kind Hearts and Coronets! My friend Megan is a co-producer! Super great!

4) Got to see said friend Megan for the first time in nearly a year, so that was nice.

5) Saw the new Caryl Churchill play, Love and Information, which was wonderful and just gave me so much to think and talk about.

6) Jerusalem artichokes.

7) Saw a sneak preview of a new Carmen adaptation supported by an astoundingly good Afro-Cuban jazz band playing at Birdland. The Carmen is...maybe one of the more beautiful people I've ever seen.

8) Also saw a sneak preview of the A.R.T.'s next musical. Not only is it coming together nicely, but I sat behind Anna Wintour and Georgina Chapman at the read through, which was kind of surreal. It was so hard to explain to my dad who they were.

9) And Sophie Okonedo totally sniped our table at a restaurant! And I barely even cared because I was so proud of my guest actor bingo skills in recognizing her and figuring out why she would be in town. (I definitely called that it would have something to do with Raisin in the Sun.) She is also super beautiful -- the only thing making me less than positive that it was her is that she legitimately looks 29-years-old, but is actually 45-ish.

10) Famous director friend keeps being ridiculously nice and vaguely offering me jobs that I can't take, and now I'm sending him an essay I wrote in undergrad on a book he's adapting, which...both super embarrassed and super proud? Because on the one hand, it's undergrad, and on the other, I was really proud of that essay and I think he will actually get a lot out of it and ahhhh. < / humblebrag >

ALSO I THINK HE AND I WEAR THE SAME PERFUME (when I wear perfume at all) but that's not really the kind of thing you can ask a man? Like you can't just say, "What's up, brah*? Is that pomegranate noir?"

* disclaimer: I have never called anyone "brah", least of all a gay man old enough to be my father and whom I may want one day to employ me

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[dcu] amused
I am trying to will myself out of bed to go do observation hours, and it is not yet happening.

It will happen momentarily. I swear. Possibly I need to eat more food before I do it, because maybe "all the edamame in the house" doesn't count as lunch.

Anyway, shit I gotta do, much of it by tomorrow, though some of it can wait 'til after my NYC mini-vacation this weekend:

+ More volunteer hours! I'm trying to do at least 5 or 6 before I go away for the weekend. I'm at 9 now and need to have done 25 by this time next month.
+ Write a lesson plan for tomorrow night. Maybe more anxious about this than I need to be, but honestly I have a lot of work to do.
+ Interview a teacher at 7 PM and type up transcript for tomorrow night.
+ Determine if I can attend a leadership conference at Simmons next month.
+ Start looking for more apartment leads for continuing housing search next week.
+ TEST DRIVE SOME NON-SUBARUS, JESUS CHRIST. I need to test drive AT LEAST ONE NON-SUBARU before I just say "Fuck it, I'm buying the Subaru."
+ Send a postcard to my friend's 2nd grade class (so late, omg).
+ Do I have a presentation tomorrow night? FIND OUT IF I HAVE A PRESENTATION TOMORROW NIGHT.

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[music] artsy
I know I'm the oldest and the gainfully employed-est and I let my sister tag along, but it still would have been nice if my brother had asked before creating a profile for himself on my Netflix account.

On the other hand, I'm glad he or his girlfriend finally did that because they were obviously using my account all the time anyway and this way Netflix might finally stop recommending shows to me based on their 3-year-old's viewing habits.

(...obviously I'm not going to suddenly demand that everyone pitch me $2 a month or something, and it has zero impact on me if other people are using my account, but it is the PRINCIPLE of the "my brother unsubscribing from his own account and quietly attaching himself to mine because I left myself logged in downtairs one time" thing.)

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[hp] we&#39;re diff&#39;rent as can be!
So, I watched all of Avatar: The Last Airbender season three yesterday.

It was amazing, and also, weirdly, gave me a lot of the things I would have loved to get from the end of Harry Potter.

Spoilers.Collapse )

tl;dr Avatar is awesome.

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[actors] butterfly
Things I'm loving this long weekend:

1) Cake.

2) Parties and hanging out with friends! I had a great Galentine's Day with a pal where we went to the movies (see below), and drank a ton of wine, and watched the PBS documentary on comics and a movie where Hugh Dancy invented the vibrator. Then, another friend had her birthday party last night and I was finally able to meet the guy she has been seeing for, oh, six months.

3) The Lego Movie. It was just such a complete joy on every level. I could not stop grinning. Will Arnett's Batman was particularly perfect.

4) Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm deep into season two now, and it just gets better and better. ZUKO. TOPH. IROH. EVERYONE. AAAAAAAH. They just got to Ba Sing Se and shit is going down.

5) No, can I keep talking about Iroh? He is so wonderful. His relationship with Zuko warms my heart almost as much as his love affair with tea. "Sick of tea? That's like being sick of breathing!"

6) Snow! I should be at the point where I'm sick of it, but it's just so pretty. Snooooow.

...And now I will try not to let another six weeks go by without posting.

Yuletide recs!
[dcu] amused
The new year is nigh, and I swore to myself I would post some Yuletide recs before reveals! I'm not completely done reading, but I've made some really good headway, so here we go, as fast as possible:

30 recs in 25 fandoms.Collapse )

I wish my recs were better, but I'm sleepy and I've had a few glasses of rose champagne and I just wanted to release them into the world. Hope you enjoy!

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[a3g] everyone knows i love to party!
I can't believe how long it's been since I posted (this is the first time I have ever gone a month, it is kind of depressing me), but there was the end of the semester, and Christmas, and limited internet, and skiing, and meeting my cousin's new baby, and -- anyway, things are fantastic. Mostly I am reading all of Yuletide. I swear to God this is the year I get through my tabs before reveals, but it's already stupidly late and reveals are tomorrow so. We'll see.

For now, I just wanted to pound out the traditional year in review meme and to say HELLO BLOG I HAVE NOT ABANDONED YOU.

2013 in ReviewCollapse )

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[dcu] amused
I can't even bear thinking about the rest of this weekend because I have a friend coming into town and I have barely touched the piles of work I have to do for Tuesday and Wednesday, oh my god. I was so busy with class until Tuesday, then I got some work done on Wednesday, and then it was Thanksgiving, and now I'm like, "Oh, yes, unit plan and 10 page research paper and that stupid e-mail draft I keep not doing. Ahhhhh, yes."

But Thanksgiving was great. I haven't celebrated it in the United States for four years, so I forgot that Massachusetts' blue laws and the recent successful strike by Whole Foods employees meant that essentially no grocery stores were open on the day of. Poor planning on my part, but I did discover at 12:15 that Wilson Farms, out in Lexington, was open until 1PM, and I sped all the way there and ended up doing all my shopping for the meal in the 20 minutes before they closed. Thank God for Wilson Farms.

My brother did Thanksgiving with his girlfriend's family this year, and my mother is out in California because my grandmother's partner of 15 years has been in the ICU all week -- his prognosis is very slowly getting better, but right now I'm just very studiously trying Not to Think About It as long as the doctors stay optimistic -- so it was just me, my dad, and my sister, and they were out of town until 4PM, so I did all the cooking. I was afraid it would be done too early, but I managed to time everything to right as they were walking through the door, and we sat down to:

Many different kinds of cider
This baked pasta which is actually to die for
Gruyere-garlic mashed potatoes
Honey glazed carrots
An abundance of wild mushrooms
All the pie which thank god we'd ordered in advance and I didn't have to make

It was the first Thanksgiving ever where I liked and was able to eat everything on the table, so there are some definite benefits to being the main chef.

And then we watched '90s comedies all afternoon and I drank too much wine and I was very grateful to have an awesome family, the end.

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[music] amanda fucking palmer
Sometimes you put your music on random, and it just forms such a perfect mood narrative that you can't help imagining the epic rock opera that goes with it.

By which I mean when I was walking to lunch today, I set my punk/punk pop genre on random and got "Is She Weird" by The Pixies, "Three Imaginary Boys" and The Cure, and "The Hungry Wolf" by X up first, and they were so perfect for a pounding rock-y horror picture show that my brain starting slotting all subsequent songs into this narrative and eventually I found myself skipping over any song that didn't fit the story even if I really wanted to listen to it (see: "Greeting to the New Brunette" by Billy Bragg).

By the time I got to my lunch date, Amanda Palmer was a succubus-vampire-rockstar type who entranced The Cure (mopey, ghost-seeing British guy) and Garbage (demon hunting girl) into being her glam rock thralls and had taken over the world with the power of song (and also there were some apocalypsey werewolf couple just hanging out):

PlaylistCollapse )

All I'm saying is it was deeply satisfying and I guess it is clear that I grew up on The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but all I really want are horror-movie, pansexual rock operas. And that 45-minute walks go a lot faster when you make your own fun.

(And I only had to skip like three Blink-182 songs to make it happen. YOU ARE NOT IN THIS MOVIE, BLINK-182. I DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE SINGING ABOUT JACK AND SALLY.)

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[dcu] amused
KiSCon ended tonight, and I have THINGS TO SAY -- um, short story: it was awesome! -- but I'm really tired, so instead I'm just going to do the TV meme I've seen floating around and then fall asleep.

Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've seen 3 or more episodes.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
- Asterisk * if you have at least one full season on tape or DVD
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

I have seen a lot of TV.Collapse )

(I added Eerie, Indiana and Orange is the New Black because they're perfect, and Doogie Howser, MD just so I could complain about how I bought the first season on DVD a few years ago but the BOX WON'T OPEN, so I can't watch it.)

This was super apropos to my sister and my dinner conversation, where we were trying to rank our favorite TV shows of all time and to list all the shows that were important to us in elementary school.

50 BtVS Icons
[btvs] i&#39;m under your spell
50 icons of doppelgangers, not-so-evil twins, and other doubles from the Buffyverse. For the "mirrors/doubles" square on this card for [community profile] kink_bingo.

Under the cut.Collapse )

Comment and credit if using!

Virginity-themed Avengers rec set (het and slash)
[scrubs] no one understands relationship
For the "virginity/celibacy" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card, eleven Avengers fic recs under the cutCollapse )

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[biac] i like girls a lot
I keep getting all stressed about how much work I have to do and how little time I have to do it, but I am busy because of all the AWESOME things I'm doing, so I can't really complain.

Because, let's see... I went to the Boston Book Festival and Canobie Lake Park on Saturday, and tuned into the game to hear the Red Sox win the pennant. On Sunday, I saw an old friend and I went to an amazing stage production of The Jungle Book. And yesterday I finally made it to a rehearsal for Avenue Q, which I am dramaturging.

And now we begin THE WEEK. The next week and a half will contain the entire World Series. It will contain Halloween and RHPS 10th anniversary and a Star Trek convention and the play I've been working on. It will contain my birthday (tomorrow), my cousin April's birthday (also tomorrow), my brother's girlfriend's birthday (Thursday). More sadly, it would also have been my cousin Stephen's birthday (Friday) -- and he would have been so happy about the Series -- and my grandma's birthday (next Wednesday), but mostly it's happy things.

IT WILL ALSO CONTAIN MY NEW COUSIN'S BIRTHDAY, BECAUSE MY COUSIN WENT INTO LABOR THIS MORNING. I am not so secretly hoping the baby is born after midnight, but obviously that is a long time to be in labor, so it's looking like we'll have a new October 22nd baby.

To recap: loooots of work, but BIRTHDAYS and BASEBALL and BAAAAAAAABIES. We haven't had a new baby in eighteen years! We haven't had a baby boy in twenty-three years! BABIES!

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[dcu] amused
So, what have I been up to...

1) Still haven't formally withdrawn from Grad Program #1, not really because I hold out hope of finishing dissertation but because I've been insanely busy and have almost no sense of the passage of time. I did get my last essay back today and...I got a really, really good grade even losing 5 points for lateness, so. That doesn't affect my decision making; it just makes me even more whatever at myself.

2) Grad Program #2 is going pretty well except that my Wednesday night class is kicking my ass. It's not even so much that it's hard -- although it is my hardest class -- as that there has been so much work for it and I feel like I am constantly barely on top of it. I have class until 9 PM on Tuesday and work all day before my Wednesday class, so I don't really have any time to finish up my homework except at work and I'm completely knackered by the time I have to spend three hours of my night talking about curriculum standards. Thank God this was the last week of our Framework Forum posts (two 300 word posts, two 150 word comments per week on top of all the reading and other major assignments), but she only finally got around to giving us our feedback so far on those tonight and mine were dreadful-to-goodish depending on the week. No clear sense of what it will mean grade-wise, but also not much I can do about it getting the feedback after they were all posted. IT'S DONE, MOVING ON.

3) They only posted our spring course schedule today. Registration started today (though my slot's not 'til Friday). One of the classes I need to take (I have one elective that I will get to take in 2015, it will be lovely) is during my work hours and...I really don't want to shift my schedule around for that because that will just mean EVEN MORE COMMUTING TIME throughout the week, but I'm not sure I have any choice if I want to stay full time. So. We'll see.

4) I HAVE A LIFE THAT ISN'T GRADUATE PROGRAMS! I've been seeing lots of old movies and introducing my sister to Game of Thrones and sometimes writing limericks and walking the dog and reading for pleasure sporadically and theoretically doing dramaturgy for Avenue Q, though in practice I almost never find time for it, and all sorts of things! Plus, my birthday is coming up in less than a week! Fun!

5) No, but honestly my life is pretty grad school heavy, sorry. The long weekend almost made me cry because I had unscheduled time. And tomorrow my volunteer gig is canceled so I have more unscheduled time that I will use to do LIS 415 and 426 work.

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[dcu] amused
I have been incommunicado for awhile because I've been very busy and very sick and very dealing-with-shit-in-my-life, but now things are starting to settle down and I am having a pretty amazing week, so let's talk about things that have been good lately:

1) I'm taking three classes for library school this semester, and I am liking them all quite a bit. They're all very different, which is actually very nice -- there's a variety of assignments and teaching styles, so things stay interesting. However, the classes are from 1-9 PM on Tuesday and from 6-9 PM on Wednesday (after work), so my Sundays and Mondays are very homework heavy, and I was still recovering from a cold this weekend and basically going, "WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO DO A FULL COURSELOAD THIS SEMESTER. YOU COULDN'T HAVE TAKEN TWO CLASSES?"

I had a 3-5 page essay due on Tuesday night that I angsted about completely disproportionately. "Oh god it will never get written!" -- it took like four hours on Tuesday. "Have I forgotten how to write short, not research heavy things?" -- that is literally the stupidest concern ever. And then I sat behind the one other School Library Teacher Program student in my class, and she was editing her bibliography (the essays were due a couple hours after class), and I was like, "Everything she read looks so interesting! I read, like, encyclopedias!" But I just got the essay back and I got a 10/10 and everything was fine because it was a 3-5 page paper about what I want to do when I grow up. Chill out, Emma.

I'm also about 99% sure I aced my Information Organization homework because Information Organization is the greatest class ever, so. Yay, actually having some academic success!

2) I have instated a new tradition of post-Wednesday night class drinks with my friend Laura. It is a brilliant tradition.

3) My shows are back! I've only had time to watch Person of Interest, not Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Elementary, or Parks & Rec yet, though, so I have a fun night ahead of me.

4) I went to the opening of Glass Menagerie in New York last night and it was an overwhelmingly beautiful production. Also the party was fun and I got to talk to a lot of cool people I used to work with and some cool people my dad now works with and I just felt really socially on, you know? Like upbeat and extroverted and I think I only said like 3-5 hopelessly stupid things? And I got to wear my amazing polka dotted dress and drink lots of prosecco.

5) I also totally came home from that party at 2 AM and finished Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan. I'd been waiting a whole year! I had to know how she was going to crush my heart this time!

6) I had to get up at 5:30 and fly back to Boston in order to make it to work by 9, but it was worth it for the show. Also the TSA agent told me I looked like Snow White on Once Upon a Time, which I can only vaguely see (round face, dark hair, dimples), but if someone wants to tell me that I look like Ginnifer Goodwin at 6 AM, running on three hours of sleep, who am I to naysay them.

7) I finally met with the director of Avenue Q at work and I think I'm going to have fun hanging out at some rehearsals and putting together a program for them. He also mentioned that their next show is The Laramie Project, which -- I know Moises Kaufman and my family were the lead sponsors on the sequel, so I have done a lot with Tectonic and obviously have a lot of interest in getting in on that. THEATRE. I am so happy it is back in my life. That was a big goal for this year.

8) I am starting to make tentative birthday plans and I am prettttty excited about them. Less than a month to 25!

9) I signed on to chair my high school alumnae committee book club again. \o/

Obviously I am totally exhausted and I am also still dealing with what a humongous fuck-up I am, but when I am not being a humongous fuck-up things are pretty good! I'm happy to be back to being a productive person with a variety of interests and activities, who very rarely utterly disappoints the people in her life! Now if I could be a person who does those things and also cleans her room and unpacks her luggage from almost a month ago!

(I am still figuring out what my next step is on the do-I-or-do-I-not-finish-my-soul-sucking-thesis question. When I know what the hell I am doing with myself...I will let you know.)

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[actors] incognito
I do not want to talk about my life at all, so let's talk about the thing I've been using to avoid my life for the past week and a bit: Criminal Minds!

You know things are bad when you do the math and you've spent something like 4 1/2 of the last 8 days watching a TV show. And probably eight hours doing actual work. But that is what has happened.

Some rambly non-spoilery effusiveness. Unless you count casting spoilers from 2007 or 2010 as spoilers.Collapse )

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[dcu] amused
I appear to have foregone sleep and work and all sorts of important, beneficial things in order to start watching Criminal Minds.

I basically sealed my fate by starting with three episodes where the main characters were horribly traumatised, just to ensure that I really cared about everyone and couldn't stop watching.

Previously it was Mythbusters, but apparently not enough people were traumatically dying to fill the hole left when I finished Game of Thrones.

(Actually now I want to watch more Mythbusters -- SCIENCE -- but it's almost seven in the morning and I'm actually a human disaster area.)

48 Bonus Star Trek icons
[tos] moneyshot
Yesterday I posted a ton of pain-themed Jim Kirk-centric icons for my free space in [community profile] kink_bingo ! In the course of making those icons, which focus on fighting and impact-play, I ended up making a ton of more tangential icons which focused on pain machines and mental torture -- which feature a lot on the show.

Content Notes: These icons depict mind control and torture, with all the concommitant consent issues.

Read more...Collapse )

Please comment and credit if taking!

21 Mad Men icons
[mad men] joan holloway
21 Mad Men icons. For the pervertibles square on this card for [community profile] kink_bingo.

Content Notes: Twelve icons are from "Indian Summer" (1x11) and show Peggy and Betty exploring the possibilities of the "relaxiciser" and a washing machine, respectively. Nine are from the "Maidenform" (2x06) scene where Don engages in some impromptu necktie bondage with Bobbie Barrett. (As a warning -- the sex in that scene is consensual and enthusiastic, but Don Draper lives up to his birth name in the last two icons and is a giant dick, leaving his partner tied up without her consent.) NSFW-ish (lingerie, sexual situations).

Under the cut.Collapse )

Comment and credit if using!